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2018 Senior Management Conference set for April in Las Vegas

January 18, 2018

The Oklahoma Bankers Association 2018 Community Bankers Leadership & Senior Management Conference is scheduled for April 8-10 at the Four Seasons Resort in Las Vegas.
    This year's conference features an exciting lineup of speakers, including Ray Adler, with BTI Growth Advisors; Rob Engstrom, with the ABA; David Furnace, with Haberfeld Associates; Chet Fenimore, with Fenimore Kay Harrison Ford; and representatives from McAfee and Taft. Topics covered by these speakers include the view from Washington, best practices in corporate governance, legal issues, 21st Century enlightened leadership and a mortician's guide to retail banking.  
    One of the key benefits in the conference will be talking with your peers. Attendees at the OBA 2018 Community Bankers Leadership & Senior Management Conference will be surrounded by those with similar titles, similar workloads, similar problems and likely solutions to issues that can be just as similar.
    If you have any questions or want to get signed up, contact the OBA's education department at 405-424-5252, or click here to download a brochure and registration form!


OBA Intern Program ready for 2018

Be aware of the OBA Intern Program! The Intern Program will again be active in 2018 and we're looking for participating banks!

For more information on this IMPORTANT program – important not only to aspiring students, but also to participating banks – click here for more information or contact the OBA education department at (405) 424-5252!

Register for OBA's 2018 Contact Banker Program

We have set the dates for the 2018 Contact Banker Program. Many of you are seasoned veterans of the program and we look forward to seeing you again this upcoming year.

Click here to find a sign-up form that has all the dates listed for this year's program. We ask that you look and see what dates work best for you and send it back to Adrian Beverage. Once we have the groups finalized, we will send you an email confirmation of your date.

On the date you have selected, we will meet at the Capitol around 8:30 a.m., with groups usually consisting of 10-15 bankers. Once the group has arrived, we will have a short briefing about the issues we are tracking and what our plan is for the morning. There is no charge to attend; the only cost is your time.

Oklahoma community banks aid hurricane victims

OKLAHOMA CITY — Community banks take great pride in being the foundation of their communities. When cities and towns are in need, they don't hesitate to help in any way possible. These banks are also just as quick to react when the neighborhoods of their peers need assistance.

Following the recent rash of hurricanes in Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida and elsewhere, the Oklahoma Bankers Foundation began collecting funds from Oklahoma community banks to provide assistance to those in need. An impressive amount of $21,125 was recently collected, with more checks still coming in.


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