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Frequently Asked Questions


What does the OBA do?

How do I get to the OBA and the Harris Events Center?

What is the Oklahoma Bankers Foundation?


How can I learn more about Professional Membership?

How do I find how much of my dues are deductible?

How do I find the Web sites for OBA member banks?

Where can I find a list of OBA Strategic Members?

How do I join an OBA committee?

How can I authorize ACH debits for pre-arranged payments?

Government Relations:

What are the latest government relations issues?

Who is my local legislator?


Can I view a calendar of upcoming events?

When are events and seminars scheduled?

How do I register online for seminars?

Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities:

How can I sponsor OBA events?

How do I advertise with the OBA?


What should I do if I suspect my bank has been a victim of fraud?

What should I do if I would like OBAs fraud unit to provide training?

How do I find fraud resources?

Legal and Compliance:

Where do bankers find legal and compliance resources?

OBA Products and Services:

What products does OBA offer?

How do I download an order form for products?

Robbery Reward:

What is the OBA Robbery Reward Program?


Financial Literacy:

How can I learn more about financial literacy programs?

OBA Contacts:

Who do I contact with a question or comment?

Where can I find a staff directory?

Where can I find the OBA board of directors?

OBA Current Issues:

How do I find out about current issues?

Where do I find the latest news and information about the OBA?


Where do I find jobs available in the banking industry?


Are internships available?

Are scholarships available?



Who to contact:

Please see below to find out who to call on a wide variety of banking topics. Don't see what you're looking for? Give the OBA a call at 405-424-5252.