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Fraud Alerts

Pair of frauds beginning to surface repeatedly -- Feb. 14, 2017

As you know, we rarely issue Fraud Alerts to ensure they have more force and effect upon issuance, but, banker friends, we are once again there. We are seeing an increase in two forms of fraud that share a commonality. Social engineering leading to check fraud is surging with recent attempts being in the tens of thousands of dollars.


Revisiting continuing cyber threat -- Nov. 25, 2014

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we want to once again warn that wire fraud and attempted wire fraud continue at a steady, non-relenting pace. As you know, we try to limit our Fraud Alerts to those times when it is essential, but the recent level of reports has demanded our attention.


Disruption of service attack possibility -- July 9, 2014

There has been information that a DOS (disruption of service) attack could be initiated toward American corporations, including banks, on July 10. We urge all Oklahoma banks and bankers to alert their IT departments of this information, if they are already not aware.


Fighting cybercrime -- Aug. 7, 2013

A recent OBA Update contained an article regarding the formation of an Information Security MAFIA networking group. As our Fraud Alerts are targeted to a large number of those who may want to participate, we decided to recap the information so that we include all those who want to take advantage of what promises to be a wonderful opportunity to help to keep our Oklahoma banks safe.


Cyber-fraud round up -- May 3, 2013

The FBI has recently begun issuing cyber alerts to keep our bankers apprised of potential cyber threats, including DDOS attacks.