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OBA Centennial Business Hall of Fame video clips available to preview!

The year 2007 was a BIG year for Oklahoma! We celebrated our State Centennial and Oklahoma’s success during its first 100 years wouldn’t have been what it is today without a strong, viable and focused commercial banking industry and that’s the message we want to continue to resonate across our state.

In recognition of the role our profession has played in our great state’s development, we produced and distributed two stories of our profession to our fellow citizens and it will be preserved for all time through the Oklahoma Centennial Business Hall of Fame. We’re telling the “real story” about banks and bankers and how they help people and communities catch their dreams as we demonstrate how bankers make their communities better each and every day.  

We sincerely thank the 79 banks that generously stepped up and contributed to this project.

For VIDEO #1  - - - Click play below

For VIDEO #2  - - - Click here 


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