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New Web site Coming

Keep watching for our new Web site, which we're going to unveil soon!  It will be more user-friendly, both for bankers and consumers. 

We'll be looking at adding some new tools, like www.competitious.com- a Web site that allows entities to track their competition; www.crowdsourcing.com, which allows a large group of people to collaborate on an idea, or a concept and make it better; and www.eswarm.com, which allows us to set up an electronic buying group and broker the sale of various products and services to member banks, offering them a lower price than they can get on their own. If enough bankers participate, then there's no limit to the success that they can have, and that the OBA can have on their behalf.

We'll also be looking at various technology devices, like widgets for banks, that will allow the bank's customers to have immediate access to their account information.  We're also going to make sure bankers are aware of what's going on in their world by providing a resource for comparing statistics that will show you  how many of your customers are using systems and sources line INGDirect, PayPal, VirginMoney, Zoppa, and other alternative "banking" channels. 

We plan to have this new Web site up and running no later than September 1, 2008.  Call Roger Beverage (405) 424-5252 with your ideas, questions, comments and suggestions.  


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