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What Are You Doing About Generation Text?

What are you doing about reaching out to what most observers call Generation "Y", and that some are calling Generation "Text"?  Anything? 

This is the group that is highly technical in their approach to just about everything.  Whether it's making new friends, communicating with old ones, shopping, banking, or just chatting about things in general - these guys do it online.  And they do it from their cell phones as much as from their PC's.

So - what are you doing to accommodate this new group of customers?  Do you have a widget that's available to them so they can check their account balance without having to go online to do so?  How about bill paying?  Loan applications?  Opening new accounts electronically?  And by doing so from their cell phones as well as from their PC's?

What about if they have questions?  Do they still have to actually talk to a real person?  Or can they just text a message to your bank? Can they go online and "chat" with a friendly teller who will keep them up to speed on what the bank has to offer?  If they're about to go over their limit on their credit card, or overdraw their checking account, do you have an alert system that will send them a text message to let them know before hand? 

What about if there's some unusual activity on their account? What do you do or have available to let them know about it?

What about other fraud activities?  How to negotiate for the purchase of a car or some other 'big ticket' item?  Ever thought about a Webcast, podcast, or chat room on the topic? 

All of these ideas and more are bound to come your bank's way sooner rather than later -- if you intend to provide services to this next text group.  It's one of the reasons we're revamping our Web presence, to give you some ideas and some help in getting these goals accomplished.

Stay tuned to our announcements on this topic!!

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