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Former OBA Chairman named as state auditor

Former OBA Chairman Steve Burrage, chairman of FirstBank in Antlers, has been appointed to the Office of State Auditor and Inspector by Gov. Brad Henry. Burrage was sworn in Thursday, July 10, to replace Jeff McMahan who resigned last month following a conviction on three felony counts involving corruption.

Burrage served as OBA chairman from 1995-96, and currently serves as chairman of the Oklahoma Association of State Banks and on the board of the OBA's services subsidiary, OBASCO. He also served on the board of the Oklahoma City branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Mo.

"Steve Burrage has impeccable credentials and a reputation above reproach," Henry told the media gathered in the Blue Room at the State Capitol for the announcement. "He is without question the best person to serve as auditor and restore public trust in that important position."

Burrage was flanked by his wife, Roberta, and his three sons, Mark, Mike and Bradley, all of whom are engaged in the banking business.

"My top priority is to restore public confidence in the auditor's position and ensure that Oklahoma tax dollars are being used as efficiently and effectively as possible," Burrage told the gathering.

He may seek election to the post when his current term expires in 2010.

Before taking control of what is now FirstBank in 1982, Burrage was a certified public accountant and a partner in the CPA firm of Burgess and Burrage from 1977-1982. He has been extensively involved in the Oklahoma Bankers Association for the past 25 years.

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