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OBA releases information to aid banks with media, customers


You can order the OBA's "Nothing's Safer Than Morney In The Bank" sign for your bank's teller windows or any employee's desk by downloading the order form here.

With all of the news surrounding the turmoil in the financial markets, consumers are concerned and confused about the safety of their money.  

There have also been many news stories about the alleged crisis in the “banking” system over the past few months, primarily because of the closure of IndyMac Federal Savings Bank and the stories that have been run on the problems involving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. What does all of this mean? The ABA developed this Q&A to help answer questions.

In response, the OBA has put together information intended to reassure Oklahoma consumers about the safety of their bank deposits and to set forth the facts about Oklahoma banks.

This includes a list of talking points you can use with your customers, or if you're asked to make a speech at one of your local community groups.  You can also post them in your lobby, distribute them to your front-line personnel so they have them handy if a customer asks questions and you can provide them to your local newspaper or radio station.

We've also prepared a “letter to the editor” under OBA President and CEO Roger Beverage's signature, but you can substitute your own name in the byline if you'd prefer.  This one-page piece should go a long way toward addressing any questions you may get from any of your customers.

We've also developed a flyer “ad” piece you can insert in place of the normal advertising you do in your local paper. Additionally, you can order the OBA's "Nothing's Safer Than Money In The Bank" sign for your bank's teller windows by downloading the order form here.

State Banking Commissioner Mick Thompson has also issued two news releases. The headline for the first was “Oklahoma Banks are Well Capitalized and Strong” and can be downloaded here. The second is titled, "Oklahoma Banks Remain Safe and Sound," and can be downloaded here.

Finally, OBA staff members are available to come to your bank or your community to visit with your customers, your employees, the local media – anyone you'd like for us to visit with about what's going on nationally and how it affects them personally.  Just let us know if we can do something like that for your community.

Please feel free to call Roger Beverage (405.424.5252) or e-mail him (roger@oba.com) if you need more information. 

The access the ABA's Safety and Soundness kit, please click here!

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