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Alzheimer’s Association teaming up with banks

To help Oklahoma bankers best aid their customers and clients, it's critically important that signs of Alzheimer's in customers can be recognized so their needs and those of their families can be met appropriately. The impact of this disease will explode in the coming years with the aging of our population and, consequently, within our own families.

The information provided here from the Alzheimer's Association should be immensely helpful to bankers. The Oklahoma Bankers Association would encourage anyone dealing with the public to learn about Alzheimer's disease to better understand how to deal with you clients and their families who may be suffering from its effects.

Click here for a helpful PowerPoint presentation you can show to bank employees so they can become more aware of the signs of Alzheimer's. Click here if you need the PDF version.

Mark Fried, EVP at the Alzheimer's Association, would be happy to answer any questions bankers might have regarding this topic.

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