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Take the OBA communications survey!

The OBA is looking for YOUR help in assisting us to improve our communications efforts to ALL our bankers! With the myriad of ways your Association has of reaching out and informing its members, it's important to make sure we go about things in the best manner ... after all, it doesn't do any good to have a great message to pass along if we don't do so in a way that's best for our bankers!

That's where YOU come in: we're hoping to get as many of our bankers as possible to complete this short survey that will help us evaluate our communications methods. The results are totally anonymous and it'll take just five minutes of your time. PLUS, once you complete the survey, if you'll plug in your e-mail in the space allotted on the final page, we'll get you entered in a random drawing to win one of three $50 prizes!

A chance to help your Association and also a chance to win $50 – that's a definite win/win for everyone involved!

Please click here for access to the survey!


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