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Turn your lemons into lemonade and support the OBA!

Turn your lemons into lemonade and support the OBA!

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Now you can support the OBA Foundation and the Robbery Reward program without sending a cash donation. It's simple and easy.

The CA/RD (Corporate Accounts Receivable Donation) program from United Asset Group is a simple way to support the OBA Robbery Reward program without the need for a cash donation. Why? Because your bank merely donates already written off accounts receivable files. These accounts have already been through your full collection efforts, including collection agencies, and have been written off.

United Asset Group facilitates the sale of charge-off portfolios to qualified buyers and sends the majority of the sale proceeds (75 percent) to the OBA Foundation for use in our Robbery Reward program.

Accounts that can be donated include:

  • Credit card charge-offs.
  • Auto deficiency balance charge-offs.
  • Personal loan charge-offs.
  • Commercial loan charge-offs.

This is an easy way to support the OBA Foundation's Robbery Reward program:

  • that doesn't cost your bank anything;
  • that only involves charged-off bad debt accounts;
  • that's safe. The transfer is "as is," complete and without recourse.
  • that's simple. It requires little bank time or effort.

After you contact us, the required participation agreements will be sent to you – sign these agreements and return them to the OBA. Finally, designate someone in your bank as the project leader/contact. A representative from United Asset Group will contact your project leader to complete the donation.

For more information or if you have questions, call Gary Brown with United Asset Group at 405-250-9959.

Turn your lemons into lemonade! Help us provide the resources needed to fund the OBA Foundation and the Robbery Reward program! Contact Gary Brown today at 405-250-9959.

Funding the OBA Foundation without a cash transfer – why wouldn't you register to participate today?

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