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KC Fed launches consumer credit reports for Tenth District

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City recently launched a series of quarterly reports examining consumer credit issues in each of the seven states in the Tenth Federal Reserve District.

The reports, available at www.KansasCityFed.org/community, provide a snapshot of data such as consumer debt, consumer loan delinquency rates, personal bankruptcy filings, mortgage delinquencies and a county-by-county look at serious mortgage delinquencies in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. The data is collected from a number of sources, including Federal Reserve System data and credit reporting bureaus.

“These reports, which pull from large pools of national data, will help us track consumer credit issues over time and will provide a clearer picture of what is happening at the state and county levels,” said Kelly Edmiston, a senior economist at the Bank. “By tracking these issues, we can help identify where there might be gaps in terms of access to credit and financial services.”

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