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OBA looking for participants in salary survey

Please don't forget about the unique opportunity being provided by the OBA's salary survey! If your bank wants to participate and has not already, you need your CEO or HR person to email Carol Ham (carol@oba.com) for a username and password. Remember: to get the benefit of the results of the survey, a bank has to be a PARTICIPANT! Also, there is a Sept. 30 deadline to get your bank's information entered.

To participate in the survey online, and you already have your bank's username and password, click here.

If you would like to fill out a hard copy of the survey instead of working on it online, click here to download part 1 of the survey, and click here to download part 2.

For detailed instructions on how to complete the salary survey questionnaire, click here.

To help match job descriptions at your bank with those in the survey, click here.

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