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Keep customers aware of new phishing scams

The ABA has issued a new warning to highlight increases in phishing scams to consumer bank accounts involving schemes that collect credit and debit data from consumers. The most popular scam includes misinforming consumers about closure of or problems with their bank accounts.

According to authorities, consumers receive phishy text messages that ask accountholder to call specified numbers to resolve possible compromises of their bank accounts, and include the last four digits of the user's debit card, which increases the liability of the text message.

The ABA says these types of schemes are common, but recommends banks to remind their customers of ways to prevent fraud. For instance, never give out personal or financial information in response to an unsolicited phone call, fax, email or text. Also, contact the bank to confirm the legitimacy of any email that asks for the submission of personal or banking account information. These steps and others can prevent a customer from experiencing phishing scams.

To read the full list of precautions from the ABA, click here.

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