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Google+ opens usage to businesses

Google Inc.'s new social networking service, Google+, has opened availability to businesses to create special web pages. This new enhancement could entice visitors to spend more time on the website and help Google match the offerings of rival social sites.

Until now, only individual users have been able to sign up for Google+. Businesses are increasingly using social sites to their advantage to reach consumers through multiple strategies such as discounts and coupons. About 20 different businesses, including Toyota and Macy's, have set up special pages on Google+, and other organizations will soon be able to join.

One significant feature Google+ offers is "direct connect" which is available for a limited number of pages for now. To use "direct connect", users who type the plus symbol in front of a business name when conducting a search on Google search engine, will be directly connected to the business' special Google+ page.

To learn more about Google+ expanding for businesses, click here.

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