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Oklahoma Tax Commission to issue tax refunds on debit cards

On Jan. 27, 2012, the Oklahoma Tax Commission will begin issuing individual income tax refunds on debit cards. Expanding tax refund options to include this new debit card for Oklahoma taxpayers will provide a safe, secure and convenient method to receive tax refunds, in place of paper checks.

The debit cards will carry the MasterCard logo and will provide Oklahoma taxpayers with the convenience of using this debit card for making purchases, paying bills and free ATM cash withdrawals at in-network, surcharge free ATM locations.

Tax refund card recipients will have additional access to cash by using a teller for one cash withdrawal at any MasterCard member bank or credit union location within the State of Oklahoma without incurring a fee. MasterCard rules require member banks to process cash withdrawal via teller access, this allows the cardholder to withdraw some or the total amount of funds on the taxpayer's debit card. MasterCard member banks, credit unions or their authorized agents with questions about face-to-face cash disbursement transactions should review Chapter 8 of the MasterCard Rules manual and section 2.3 of the Chargeback Guide or contact MasterCard Customer Operations Services 1-800-999-0363 or 1-636-722-6176.

Cardholders with proper identification can simply present their card at the MasterCard Member Bank or Credit Union teller window and request a withdrawal of funds.

The State Treasurer's Office, in an effort to make this program as successful as possible, is notifying all Oklahoma banks and credit unions of the latest electronic payment option being provided to Oklahoma Taxpayers. An image of the card that will be presented is included above right right and the Treasurer's Office requests that you honor valid cards for cash withdrawals at your financial institution. They would like to thank you in advance for notifying your tellers of this new program provided by the State Treasurer's Office and the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

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