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SMiShing fraud arrives in Oklahoma

The most recent trend among cyber criminals has arrived in Oklahoma. “SMiShing” (SMS, or text, phishing) has hit Northwest Oklahoma in an attempt to gather card information from unsuspecting customers.

“SMiShing” is effective for criminals since the common perception is texts are from someone consumers know and trust. Criminals send out a text message in large numbers hoping to hit some customers of banks they are mimicking.

At least hundreds of Oklahomans have received one of the two following texts:
        • 15177631659: COMMUNITY STATE BANK ALERT: Your card has been DEACTIVATED. Please contact us at 405-788-0032.
        • 12012899924: COMMUNITY STATE BANK ALERT YOUR CARD HAS BEEN DEACTIVATED. Please call 405 788 0032.

The texts, mimicking Community State Bank in Hennessey, have all been sent to Pioneer Telephone mobile customers. Neither Community State Bank nor Pioneer have been breached in any way. The fraudsters simply choose a bank name and area to send the messages. The 517 number is a mobile number in Michigan and, according to WILX News 10, has been used since April 13 to send similar messages with a credit union name in that area. The call back number is a Shawnee number and initially was answered with the bank name, but now defaults to a mailbox.

Pioneer has been exceptionally helpful to Community State Bank in determining what has been happening. If Oklahomans receive the text, they should not call the number back and instead notify their bank of the text messa

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