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OCC Deputy Comptroller remarks at risk conference

On May 22 at the Risk Magazine Credit Risk Conference in New York, Deputy Comptroller for Credit and Market Risk Martin Pfinsgraff discussed the importance of effective bank supervision.  

Pfinsgraff oversees a policy unit that issues supervisory guidance for bankers and examiners, and is working to improve the OCC's risk oversight practices to strengthen procedures during the aftermath of a financial crisis. He emphasizes the importance of supervision to help improve risk strategies, and the ability to identify Matters Requiring Attention. As Pfinsgraff explains, MRAs are the first type of supervisory action taken for effective corrective action at banks, but, if MRA is inappropriate for the situation, enforcement actions are chosen.

Pfinsgraff expands on supervisory guidance as well as other topics in his speech. To read the speech, click here. 

(photo courtesy of the OCC) 



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