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Bank robberies up; OBA here to help

In part due to the recent rise in bank robberies, and partially due to the stellar success of the Information Security MAFIA meetings, the OBA was encouraged to organize a Physical Security MAFIA Roundtable.

Some of you will remember the Bank Robbery Investigator Group (BRIG) of years past, and this is envisioned as a networking/discussion group to fill BRIG's void. Modeled after our compliance roundtables, the meeting will occur over lunch for the most efficient use of your time. There is a charge for the lunch and registration will be handled by the OBA education department. The first meeting will be Thursday, July 10, and a link to the flyer can be found by clicking here.

Like all MAFIA groups, we will invite all state financial institutions. This is a great opportunity to learn what tools and vendors are being used by other banks, as well as best practices that are being employed. Discussion will be all-encompassing in the physical security field and, as such, will not be limited to only robberies.

This is not intended to replace the security officer workshops where you can learn about policies and board reporting requirements, but should be viewed as a supplement where you get to network with your peers on what is working for their institutions. It will also be a wonderful chance to interact with FBI Special Agent Douglas Samuels, the best bank robbery coordinator in the field! Donna Powell (BOA) has agreed to facilitate this group and she has a wealth of information in all areas of physical security.

As always, these events are planned with the idea to provide the best value for our bankers. You will get to decide the frequency of these meetings. The general sense we have received has been an annual or bi-annual event would be most productive since there are fewer day-to-day changes in this arena than we experience in the cyber field, but we will listen to your ideas on concept and frequency.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact OBA's Elaine Dodd (elaine@oba.com). We hope you can join us and we look forward to seeing you July 10!

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