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What is 'Friends of Traditional Banking'? This video will explain!

Friends of Traditional Banking has released a new video that quickly explains in just two minutes what FOTB is all about.  Click here to watch it on YouTube!

It is easy for bankers to be discouraged and want to throw in the towel in today's regulatory and legislative climate, especially when 2016 is seen as a posturing year, with no substantive relief expected. Is there anything community bankers can do to further our position in our battle for regulatory relief? The answer is yes! That is what Friends of Traditional Banking is all about.

By becoming a member of FOTB, your contributions are pooled with bankers from all across the country. The FOTB Board of Directors then selects two or more political campaigns that could make a significant difference in the balance of power in Congress as it pertains to community banking. By pooling our funds, more substantial sums of money are available for these important campaigns and can significantly influence the outcome.

So, there is something we can do in 2016 to further strengthen our opportunities for regulatory relief. By assisting in securing wins for candidates who support community banking, we will help improve the legislative landscape for traditional banking in the new 115th Congress. I realize you may have already made a contribution to one or more Oklahoma candidates and may feel tapped out, but the beauty of FOTB is that your contribution is pooled with thousands of contributions from bankers across the country, so you don't have to make a large contribution. Every contribution is appreciated and is necessary to the success of FOTB and, ultimately, our efforts to achieve regulatory relief for community banks.

If you haven't already done so, please go to the FOTB website at http://www.friendsoftraditionalbanking.com and sign up as a member. By doing so, you will be joining more than 15,000 bankers, bank shareholders and directors nationwide in making a positive influence on the future of traditional community banking. As a member of FOTB, you will receive periodic emails so that you will be kept up to date on how your participation is making a difference. If you have already signed up, thank you for your support!



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