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ABA releases talking points for banks concerning Wells-Fargo situation

The American Bankers Association released some talking points for bankers to use if asked about the Wells-Fargo situation.

  • We condemn any and all dishonest practices. We condemn any dishonest or unethical practices by any bank employees and believe they should be held accountable.
  • A customer's trust is a bank's most valuable asset. Trust is the very foundation of banking. Banks must earn that trust every day. That is what makes this recent incident so very unfortunate -- for the bank, its customers and our industry. 
  • This incident should not overshadow the entire industry. Together banks employ two million women and men whose work helps customers and communities across America grow. This incident should not be allowed to cast a shadow over the work of all these other bankers, who are proudly helping their communities and the economy grow.
  • We must be on guard against overreaction. We are concerned that outrage over the incident will inspire counter-productive rules that could hinder all banks' ability to serve their customers, clients and communities. The fact is, the needed rules and systems are already in place to detect and address the issues raised in this case.
  • Banks continue to serve a critical role.  Banks remain the engine of jobs and economic growth and are significant contributors at many levels to making their communities better -- both financially and socially. We will use every channel available to continue to remind policymakers of the critical role “America's Banks” play.

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