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Take survey on legislative priorities

We are asking you to tell us what your legislative changes priorities are before the new Congress convenes next month. We have a narrow window of opportunity to finally get some regulatory relief for traditional community banks, but we want to make certain we are focused on the issues that are the most critical for your bank's ability to better serve your customers and your communities.

Here are the Association's top priorities as determined by our Government Relations Council and Board of Directors.  Are these your priorities as well?  Please take this short survey and tell us which issues you think are most important:    

  1. Tailored Regulations and Bifurcation: To have enacted legislation that provides for a more “tailored” and separate regulatory system in which community banks are governed by different rules and regulations than are Wall Street investment firms and other large banking entities.
  2. Portfolio Lending: Enact legislation that creates a “safe harbor” for all residential real estate mortgage loans originated and retained by a bank.
  3. Appraisals: Appraiser shortages – increase the current $250,000 threshold that triggers usage of state-licensed or certified appraisers in real estate transactions.
  4. Small Dollar Loans: Exempt traditional community banks from the CFPB's proposed “small dollar lending” rule.
  5. Regulatory Appeals: Create an appeals process giving a bank the ability to appeal the results of an examination to an independent party outside the structure of the federal banking regulatory agency that conducted the exam. 

Click here to take this short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PS29GB6.

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