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Bankers asked to submit post-exam surveys

One of the top concerns among bank CEOs has long been inconsistent supervisory expectations or expectations changed without notice. In addition, some have expressed concerns with their treatment by examiners during the exam and with the failure of examiners to discuss problems during the exit interview, instead informing the bank of a matter requiring attention only in the exam report.

To help address these concerns, the state bankers associations with the help of the ABA developed the Regulatory Feedback Initiative. Since 2011, more than 3,400 bankers have submitted post-exam surveys covering safety and soundness, compliance and IT examinations.

These surveys provide CEOs the ability to submit anonymous feedback, and participating bank CEOs can request reports about what's “hot” so they can better prepare for their own examination. Another helpful feature is the CEOs' written comments related to what they liked, disliked and feel should be improved in the examination process going forward.

Please – if you haven't done so already, take a 20-minute survey for any exams completed this year. If you have questions about this survey please don't hesitate to call Roger Beverage. Click the link to take the survey: http://www.allbankers.org/request.php

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