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Bankers: Call lawmakers in support of Durbin repeal

This is a request from the American Bankers Association and it's something your OBA has been arguing for some time.  It has to do with getting rid of the “Durbin Amendment,” which was a part of Dodd-Frank.  

As the House prepares to reconsider a financial regulatory reform bill, ABA calls on all bankers to phone their lawmakers and urge them to support a provision in the bill that would repeal the Durbin Amendment and eliminate the government-imposed price controls on debit card interchange.

To make lawmaker phone calls easy and convenient, ABA has rolled out a new online patch-through calling system that allows bankers to reach their lawmaker by entering their contact information. Bankers may also call (844) 294-7985 to be automatically connected. ABA has prepared a fact sheet on the Durbin Amendment that can be used to start a conversation, and bankers are highly encouraged to share personal anecdotes of how the amendment has harmed both their institutions and their customers.

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