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OBA Products and Services Company

The OBA is proud to offer quality products and services to the banking industry.

The OBA Services Company - OBASCO - is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oklahoma Bankers Association. It offers an array of products and services to banks and develops relationships with vendors for the benefit of the Oklahoma banking community. Ultimately, this translates into lower costs, higher revenues and improved operations for many banks.

The OBA Insurance Agency, a wholly owned subsidiary of the OBA, has been serving Oklahoma banks since 1987. With an expanded "menu" of products and services, the agency is committed to becoming the primary insurance resource for financial institutions in Oklahoma. For other assistance, click here to visit the Oklahoma Insurance Department's home page.

The OBA also maintains a network of Endorsed Vendors and Strategic Members.

Additionally, each year, OBASCO hosts a "Oklahoma Views & Vistas" photo contest in which selected photos from bankers appear in each year's customized calendar. Click here for more information on entering the contest!

Compliance Alliance, Inc.

Based on the needs of community bankers, Compliance Alliance provides its members an ever-increasing set of bank compliance tools and services that help them stay up-to-date with consumer and regulatory requirements.

Compliance Alliance members enjoy:

  • A compliance hotline available from 7 AM to 5:30 PM Central time by phone, email or live chat. In most cases, our turnaround time is immediate for phone calls or live chats. In the event a question is more complex and additional research must be done, you'll have an answer from our hotline specialists within two hours.
  • Submitting their documents for review by our in-house experts. Our team will conduct a full analysis and return documents with recommendations within three business days (depending on the complexity). Reviews are unlimited.
  • The most comprehensive list of tools for download and services including, but not limited to, Calculators, Cheat Sheets, Check Lists, Compliance Calendar, Flowcharts, Forms, Handouts, Huddles, Matrices, Policies, Procedures, Risk Assessments, Signage, Summaries, Training Tools, Webinars and Worksheets.

Contact Information:

Compliance Alliance, Inc.

Contact: (888) 353-3933
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These regulatory compliance gurus, including the OBA's own Mary Beth Guard, live, breathe and read their way through the mountains of regulatory issuances the industry throws our way and convert it into manageable, understandable, and actionable advice, tools, and resources.

BankCompliance.com is powered by the experience and wisdom of our banking experts. They do a lot of heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on performing your compliance tasks in the most efficient manner possible. As you review the bios below, note the depth and breadth of experience. From former regulators and examiners, to highly experienced bankers, to some of the top legal minds in banking, these compliance professionals stand ready to help support and maintain your regulatory compliance program.

Visit now to learn how OBA members get a $675 discount off an annual subscription to BankCompliance.com. Click here to find out more!